Print Options

     The images included in the Gallery and available for printing to order were taken with Nikon F3 and N90S cameras and lens and a Hasselblad 203fe and Zeiss lens.  All were shot exclusively in manual mode to best express  the photographer's vision on slow speed transparency (slide) film (Fuji Velvia 50 and Kodak VS 100).  Each image is planned out over days, weeks, and sometimes years as revisits are needed to capture the intended light, composition, and angle desired.  Sometimes plans fail when the film is developed and analysis on the light box leads to disappointment, rethinking the approach, and revisiting the scene.  

     Film is developed by reputable nationally respected E6 processing labs, studied and edited on the light box, with only the strongest and most expressive images selected for inclusion on this site and offered to the public.  Selected images are sent to another lab for high-end drum scanning to digitally capture all the fine details observed on the film and to create printing profiles for three different print modes.  

     One print method is Lumira digital prints from a Chromira printer on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a gloss finish for incredible detail, sharpness, and color rendering.  When the image is exposed onto the paper, traditional silver halide processing takes over and the result is a beautiful blend of digital and traditional processes.  Fuji Crystal Archive paper is highly archival with nearly twice the longevity and durability of Ilfochrome or Cibachrome.  

     The second printing method is using archival pigmented inks.  The main reason for using pigment inks is thei color stability and longevity.  Pigment ink prints generally last 75-100 years under normal conditions.   The paper used is Somerset Velvet fine art watercolor paper — a 100% acid-free cotton rag with a textured radiant white surface and an archival rating in excess of 100 years.  

     The third way these images can be printed is with a Roland Giclée on fine art canvas.  This richly textured canvas is acid free, 100% cotton.  It is hand coated for water proofing with semi-gloss varnish, resists curling and cracking and is excellent stretching.  It is non-yellowing and the anticipated fade resistance is 100 years when displayed under proper conditions.  

     Both Lumira and pigmented ink prints are matted on acid free museum archival board and framed with custom cut solid hardwood painted black.